Rising and emerging from their studio lair, Jawtooth broke into the electro hip-hop scene in 2007 as the producer-duo responsible for theFringe’s genre defying beats. Ear-quaking beats and tooth-aching basses are their signature sounds.

Now the band’s upcoming first instrumental single, In Search Of.., layers Mixt Ape’s unapologetic synths with the smashing beats from Deeds. With the standout tracks from the upcoming EP like “Above The Clouds” and “Dirtchamber” dominating radio and WiFi airwaves far and wide, Jawtooth is an essential addition to any music lover’s iTunes library.

Word on the street is they are prodigal sons creating dashing beats. While others tell the story the duo is bound by chemistry and supposed to be brothers.

Jawtooth worked together with:
BNN, Red Bull Studios, Filippa K, OntFront, Zinzi, Stockon, Fabrique, Venour, Bugaboo, Flaunt Magazine.

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Photo by Studio Rooselyn